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Here is the continuation of my tasting notes for some of the wines that I sampled on my trip to Europe in September, as well as some from my trip to Oregon and some local Okanagan wines, that I will be including in my list of varietals for the submission for membership into the Wine Century Club.wwc-demi31. Zweigelt, 2011 vintage, Upper Bench Winery, Penticton, BC, Canada: chocolate and candied cherry aromas and flavours, medium-minus tannins, rich mouthfeel, lingering finish.

32. Pinot Blanc, 2012 vintage, Ponzi Vineyards, Willamette Valley, OR, USA: clear, pale lemon colour, white floral, spice and lemon on the nose, dry, medium acidity, medium body, spice, citrus & complexity on the palate, medium-plus finish.

33. Syrah, 2010 vintage, Township 7, Penticton, BC, Canada: black cherry, raspberry, sweet spice on the nose, dry, medium-plus acidity and tannins, medium-plus body, cherry, plum, cranberry and spice on the palate with a long finish.

34. Semillon, 2012 vintage, Lake Breeze, Naramata, BC, Canada: citrus nose, dry, medium-plus acidity, round mouthfeel, flavours of citrus, gooseberry, tangerine, long finish. Tasty!

35. Mauzac Vert, 2012 vintage, Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac, France: pale gold colour, citrus nose with medium-minus intensity, dry, medium acidity, medium body, flavours of citrus and apricot, medium-plus finish.

36. Ondenc, 2012 vintage, Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac, France: pale lemon colour, peach and stonefruit on the nose, medium intensity, dry, medium acidity, floral, peach and citrus on the palate with a medium finish.

37. Mauzac Roux, 2000 vintage ‘Le Vin de Voile’, Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac, France: made in a style such as the ‘Vin Jaune’ from Jura. Pale tawny/dark gold in colour, oxidative qualities on the nose – nutty, saline, citrus, dry, saline, bit of rancio, lovely complexity, long finish.

38. Prunelart, 2010 vintage, Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac, France: medium ruby with a hint of garnet, medium-plus intensity, savoury nose with tar notes, dark red fruit, dry, medium-plus acidity, medium tannins, medium body, flavours of prunes, liquoirice, spice, hints of tar and leather – far more savoury than fruity, medium-plus finish.

39. Loin de l’Oeil, N/V, Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac, France: (undergone passerillage), medium gold in colour, pronounced intensity, honey-citrus nose, sweet, round mouthfeel, unctuous, medium-plus acidity, full-bodied, well-balanced, flavours of honey, peach and citrus, lovely long finish.

40. Petite Sirah, 2011 vintage, Nottinghan Cellars, Livermore Valley, CA, USA: deep purple colour, aromas and flavours of raisin, dark fruit, big chewy tannins, long finish.