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Here is the next segment of my tasting notes for some of the wines that I have included in my list of varietals for the submission for membership into the Wine Century Club.


81. Chkhaveri, 2012 vintage, Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking LLC, Guria, Georgia: pale gold with a hint of pink, minerality on the nose with aromas of stonefruit. Dry with medium acidity and flavours of spice, herbal complexity and citrus, well-balanced with a medium finish.

82. Krakhuna, 2011 vintage, Winery Khareba, Imereti, Georgia: very pale gold, fruity nose, aromas of pear, crisp and dry with flavours of grapefruit and spice. Rich texture with a medium finish.

83. Khikhvi, 2011 vintage, Winiveria Wines, Chateau Mere, Georgia: pale lemon, clean fresh nose with aromas of floral and apple, dry with medium-plus acidity, flavours of apple and pear, medium-plus finish; tasty!

84. Kisi, 2012 vintage, Winiveria Wines, Chateau Mere, Georgia: dark gold, slightly musty aromas, dry, medium-minus aromas, medium-minus tannins, slightly oxidative character.

85. Friulano-Tokaj, 2010 vintage, Jakot, Azienda Dario Princic, Oslavia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy: medium amber, slightly cloudy, lovely nose of tangerine, dry with medium-plus acidity and medium-plus tannins. Complex palate of citrus, spice and orange blossom and a long finish – delicious!

86. Gringet, Vin de Savoie, Cépage Gringet, Domaine Belluard, Ayse, France: pale lemon, aromas of orange rind and lemon rind, dry with high acidity, flavours of citrus and minerality, crisp, complex, elegant, well-balanced with a long finish; tasty!

87. Reichensteiner, 2012 vintage, Bianco (blend), Mistaken Identity Winery, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada: dry, medium-plus acidity, flavours of citrus.

88. Petite Milo (Blattner), 2013 vintage, Evolution White (blend), Salt Spring Vineyards, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada: light nose, fresh citrus aromas, dry with medium-plus acidity, medium body, flavours of citrus, celery, white pepper, pear, stonefruit and apple with a medium finish.

89. Epicure (Blattner), 2013 vintage, Evolution White (blend), Salt Spring Vineyards, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada: see no. 88 (above) for tasting notes.

90. Carmenere, 2012 vintage, Sibaris Reserva Especial, Undurraga, Maipo Valley, Chile: deep purple, rich nose of cherry, cassis and spice, dry, medium acidity, medium-plus body, flavours of red fruits, chocolate, spice and hints of mint with a medium-plus finish.